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Train Catalogue

Types of Trains

Different kinds of train wagons are provided as additional packages to advtrains. This train catalogue aims to collect all currently published train packages and their wagons.

Train wagons can be identified by some of their features. In theory, none of these are mutually exclusive:

  • Motive power
  • Control
  • Passenger
  • Freight (goods)

Motive power wagons are those wagons which can make a train move. Motive power includes locomotives and passenger multiple unit sections with their own power. At least one wagon with motive power is required for a train to move. Locomotives only have space for a driver and sometimes one other, while multiple units are typically a passenger wagon with a driver stand as well. There are currently no motive power wagons that require actual energy like electricity or fuel to run, nor any motive power wagons without control.

Control wagons are those wagons which can be used to control the train by its throttle, braking and so on. Control wagons are not always motive power wagons. Some trains like the silberling have a locomotive at one end and a control wagon at the other that is not motive power.

Passenger wagons are those wagons with seats for passengers. Passenger wagons may be purely passenger wagons with no motive power or they might be multiple units with controls inside them.

Freight wagons are those wagons which have an inventory attached to them. So far, most freight wagons have only 24 slots, less than a standard chest. Ideas are floating around for bulk freight wagons which would hold only one kind of item but hold quite a lot of it; and tankers which would hold fluids like water and lava. Currently no freight wagons have been made that also have any of the other above properties, but there is no technical limitation about this.

Guide to the train catalogue

The catalogue will be presented with one table per wagon type in the following format:

Mod name The modname that provides the wagon (the exact mod if inside a modpack)
Author The mod author(s) of the train - code, texture, model and sounds may have different authors
Inventory image The image used for that wagon in the inventory in minetest
Screenshot A screenshot of the train, preferably on a transparent background
Track type The type of track the train runs on. Default is the standard tracks.
Crafting recipe A crafting recipe for the wagon if it exists
Wagon span The distance from the contact surface of one of the wagon's couplers to the midpoint of the wagon. It is approximately half the length of the wagon from front to back
Max speed The maximum speed of this wagon. The maximum speed of a train is the lowest max speed of any wagon in the train.
Cargo inventory size The size of the cargo inventory, if the wagon has one.
Passenger seats How many, if any, seats are there for passengers in the wagon
Driver stand Does the wagon have a driver's stand?
Animated doors Does the wagon have animated doors?
Animated wheels Does the wagon have animated wheels and/or other drivetrain elements
Motive power Can the wagon move on its own?
Drops What will the train drop if destroyed?
Horn sound Does the train have a registered horn sound?
Motor sounds Does the train have motor sounds for when it's in motion?
Liveries Can you customize the colours and/or logos of the wagon?
Line number display Does the train display its line number property with an extra texture?
Particles What, if any, particles does the wagon emit?
Coupler type(s) If a wagon requires a matching coupler type, it is specified here. It applies to both ends of the wagon unless otherwise specified.

The E231 was the first train with a livery feature as it can be painted with the bike painter. Other mods now also support customized liveries, many of them using the Livery Tools mod by Marnack.

The subway wagon was the first wagon with line number display, but the Minitram Konstal 105N now also supports them via a Visual Line Number Displays library, and other mods are also adding this feature over time.

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