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Classic Coaches

Classic Coaches is an extension for AdvTrains that adds a set of four intercity style passenger wagons, all of which have liveries that can be customized in-game by their owning players. These wagons are loosely based on passenger coaches used for European intercity railway service during the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

This mod supports both the bike painter tool from the bike mod and the Livery Designer Tool from the AdvTrains Livery Tools mod pack for customizing these wagons. Using the Livery Designer Tool, however, allows for more livery customization options. Moreover, if the AdvTrains Livery Tools mod pack is installed and enabled, it also allows for livery packs such as Classic Coaches Generic Livery Pack and Classic Coaches Nationality Livery Pack to also be used, providing players with even more in-game livery customization options for these wagons.

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