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Industrial tank wagon

The industrial tank wagon is a tank wagon made by mbb. It is an ordinary chest-type inventory, not a special fluid wagon. It features the Irrlicht logo. Irrlicht is the underlying engine of the Minetest engine (well, it was at the time the tank wagon was made, before IrrlichtMt merged into the Minetest source directly and the SDL port).

Mod name advtrains_train_industrial
Author mbb
Inventory image
Track type default
Crafting recipe No
Wagon span 2.2
Max speed 20 m/s (72 km/h)
Cargo inventory size 24
Passenger seats 0
Driver stand No
Animated doors No
Animated wheels No
Motive power No
Drops default:steelblock:4
Horn sound No
Motor sounds No
Liveries No
Line number display No
Particles No
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