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The Granite is a locomotive by Smacker. It is loosely based on the Russian 2ES10 electric 'Granite' locomotive or a generic modern russian locomotive. It has a 'trainee seat' passenger seat in addition to the driver's stand. The attachment positions put the player models through the roof a bit but the view foward is good; there is no real view backwards though. It is recoverable (drops itself).

In real life, the granite locomotives are part of a permanently coupled pair, with one facing each way.

Mod name advtrains_granite
Author Smacker
Inventory image
Track type default
Crafting recipe Yes
Wagon span 2.8 m
Max speed 15 m/s (54 km/h)
Cargo inventory size No
Passenger seats 1
Driver stand Yes
Animated doors No
Animated wheels No
Motive power Yes
Drops advtrains:granite_locomotive
Horn sound Yes
Motor sounds No
Liveries No
Line number display No
Particles Smoke
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