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TFL S7 Stock Modpack

The TFL S7 Stock Modpack provides London Underground S7 stock trains. There are two wagon types: control cars (DM) and intermediate cars (NDM).

This mod was originally made by Mainote, however it has now been migrated to Advtrains Supplemental.

Beware that the collision box on these wagons is rather small so you may need to contort your view to weird angles to right-click the collision box and escape the train unless you are using doxydoxy's AdvTrains Attachment Offset Patch. In any case, this problem is solved even without mods with the release of Minetest 5.7.0 which features rotatable entity hitboxes. See the NotABug issue tracker for any further issues.

The real S7 stock trains have DM, M1, M2 and MS cars with slightly different seating plans, but this wouldn't translate well to minetest anyway. Ref.

This mod supports both the bike painter tool from the bike mod and the Livery Designer Tool from the AdvTrains Livery Tools mod pack for customizing these units. Using the Livery Designer Tool, however, allows for more livery customization options. Moreover, if the AdvTrains Livery Tools mod pack is installed and enabled, it also allows for livery packs such as Tfl S7 Stock Generic Livery Pack to be used, providing players with even more in-game livery customization options for these wagons.

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