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DlxTrains ModPack

DlxTrains ModPack is an extension for AdvTrains that adds train related content. So far it is mostly freight wagons and locomotives. The modpack also provides crafting recipes for all its content and several tools for changing visuals of its wagons, and features for showing different visible loads.

The pack consists of the following mods:

  • DlxTrains: This is the base mod needed by all other DlxTrains related mods. It contains common craft items and tools for the modpack plus utilities needed by the other DlxTrains mods.
  • DlxTrains Cargo: This is an optional mod that adds some cargo nodes as well as additional cargo related textures that can be used by the DlxTrains Industrial Wagons mod.
  • dlxtrains_diesel_locomotives: This mod provides two diesel locomotives in multiple liveries. Players can optionally customize the exterior of these locomotives with a visible unit number that is unique to each locomotive.
  • dlxtrains_industrial_wagons: This mod provides freight wagons that feature selectable liveries and, in some cases, visible cargo.
  • dlxtrains_support_wagons: This mod provides support wagons, including an escort wagon and a caboose, both of which provide additional seating for train crew members. These wagons also feature selectable liveries.
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