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Subway Wagon

The subway wagon is one of the first models made for advtrains. It is loosely based on a european metro/U-Bahn train, like one from Berlin or another European city. The subway train is probably the most ubiqitious train in Minetest, used on most servers with Advtrains for public transport.

There are a few derivatives of the subway wagon in different colours, but this will soon be deprecated in favour of an official method of painting (see here).

If the subway wagon has a line number property set, and that number is between 1 and 10, it will apply a specific texture to both ends of the wagon to indicate its line number. If that number is between 11 and 99, code will generate the number and a colour background to go with it.

If the line number is “X”, it will display a big red X, which is usually to indicate the train is out of service. The subway wagon was the first mod to have line display capabilities like this.

Mod name advtrains_train_subway
Author orwell
Inventory image
Screenshot The subway wagon
Track type Default
Crafting recipe 8 steel blocks with a yellow dye in the middle.
Wagon span
Max speed 16 m/s (56 km/h)
Cargo inventory size No
Passenger seats 4 passenger
Driver stand Yes
Animated doors Yes
Animated wheels No
Motive power Yes
Drops default:steelblock 4
Horn sound Yes
Motor sounds Yes
Liveries No
Line number display Yes
Particles No
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