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TLR0600 Back Unit

The TLR0600 front unit is the back half of the two-part TLR0600 tram. It is the half that has visible but not useable driving controls and a pantograph. Despite having the pantograph, it can move on its own without the front unit (or another motive power wagon/locomotive). It shows red lights in its night-time appearance

The back unit can have a livery applied with the Livery Tools mod; the liveries are included with the mod.

The back unit's wagon span is a bit shorter than the model. At the front of the unit, it can collide with other wagons such as another TLR0600 wagon, so you can't make nice looking tram-trains.

Mod name advtrains_train_jpntlr600
Author Original author: takaosan; Portions of code by Maverick2797; Portions of code and livery textures and README by Marnack
Inventory image
Track type default
Crafting recipe Yes
Wagon span 2.1 m
Max speed 8 m/s (28.8 km/h)
Cargo inventory size No
Passenger seats 4
Driver stand No
Animated doors No
Animated wheels No
Motive power No
Drops default:steelblock 4
Horn sound No
Motor sounds No
Liveries Yes
Line number display No
Particles No
Coupler type(s) default
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