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Japanese TLR0600

Four differently-livered TLR0600 trams on a curved track on a transparent background

The TLR0600 (ContentDB) is a modern Japanese tram based on the Toyama Light Rail "Portram". It comes in designated front and rear units and isn't drivable from the rear despite looking like a bidirectional tram.

The TLR0600 has the unique feature of a special “night-time illumination” mode where its texture will change according to the time of day. The headlights and rear lights are coloured a constant colour according to each wagon's back/front role.

The original mod included 4 colour options for the tram, but these 8 wagons are now deprecated and have to be specifically turned on with a setting meant for old worlds. The preferred way to recolour them is now to use Livery Tools.

The mod was originally created by takaosan, and there is now a maintained/developed version by Advtrains Supplemental.

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