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Open Coach Class 1

This wagon features modern open plan style seating with vestibule access to adjoining wagons. Each row contains three extra wide first class airline style seats. Stylish overhead shelving is located along both sides of the wagon.

The wagon is modeled with 18 seats. Up to 3 players can board each wagon.

Mod name classic_coaches
Author Marnack
Inventory image
Track type default
Crafting recipe Yes
Wagon span 3 m
Max speed 20 m/s (72 km/h)
Cargo inventory size No
Passenger seats 3
Driver stand No
Animated doors Yes
Animated wheels No
Motive power No
Drops default:steelblock
Horn sound No
Motor sounds No
Liveries Yes
Line number display No
Particles No
Coupler type(s) Chain
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