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Advtrains Nodes

This page is about Advtrains nodes. For tools, see Tools.

Component Types

Arbitrary Name Short Description
Active Can perform some action, such as sending a mesecons signal, or sending ATC commands to a train.
Passive Can receive from active components but not send anything out; examples include points (switches) and the Andrews cross.
Static Doesn't interact with other components; examples include the normal track, buffer stop, signal masts and others.

Advtrains internally uses the terminology active and passive components, which was extended back into the core from passive and active LuaATC components. Counterintuitively, the Passive Component Naming Tool can also name Active components. There are actually functions for registering active and passive components, so they can interact with other systems like TSS interlocking and LuaATC; static components are then the remainder of components that don't have any registrations and thus don't have the properties of active or passive components.

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