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LuaATC rail


Mod: advtrains_luaautomation
Node name: advtrains_luaautomation:dtrack_placer
Other names:

  • advtrains_luaautomation:dtrack_st
  • advtrains_luaautomation:dtrack_st_30
  • advtrains_luaautomation:dtrack_st_45
  • advtrains_luaautomation:dtrack_st_60

Craft recipe

This node has no craft recipe.

Extended description

  • When the rail is first built, this rail node does nothing. But once right-clicking (or double tapping on Android) the node, a formspec displays, allowing you to write Lua code for the current node.
  • Interacting with the ATC rail requires the atlatc privilege.
  • The code in the ATC rail is executed when an event is fired. See Events for a list of events this node supports.
  • This node can be rotated by the Trackworker.
  • Only straight nodes are supported. You can't put this node on a curve or as a switch.
  • This node is an active component.


The LuaATC Rail is an active LuaATC component. It holds Lua code that is executed on specific Events, and interacts with the world using the LuaATC Programming Interface.

Every LuaATC rail must belong to an Environment. You can select the active environment using the dropdown on the top left.

Note: you have to create an environment before LuaATC components can be used. See Creating an Environment.



The LuaAutomation ATC rail has the same texture as the ATC controller rail, but its functions are different. A patch has been posted on the Mailing List, and is awaiting inclusion.

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