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Ks Signs

NOTE: Signal signs have been massively reworked by the new-ks branch, and the documentation on this page no longer reflects the status of signal signs in advtrains. Updated documentation can be found in the manual in the doc branch or, in the master branch, as a manual page in the source code. The status of the documentation on this page will be discussed in the future, so please leave this page as-is in the meantime.

Ks signs are signal signs that, in many cases, affect the speed limit of the train. Unlike other signals, Ks signs are static, so the signal aspect does not change.

 caption="Example of a Ks sign"


Right click it with the trackworker to change its facing. Left clicking changes the signal aspect.

Signal aspects

Display Meaning
8 Proceed at a maximum speed of 8
12 Proceed at a maximum speed of 12
16 Proceed at a maximum speed of 16
E End of speed restriction
S with red background Halt for shunt (HFS): Do not proceed if the train is in shunt mode
S below a green arrow Proceed as main (PAM): Proceed without shunt mode

Right click it to set an influence point, where trains will obey the signage.

In the new-ks branch, the HFS sign is a semicircle with the black text “Halt für Rangierfahrten” on white background, which corresponds to the German Ra 10 (“Rangierhalttafel”) signal.


Signal signs are obeyed in the same way signals are. If you set the sign to anything, say “8”, the train will follow that command as priority, no matter what (unless you make a sign which changes this restriction).

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