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Train HUD

Passengers and drivers of trains get more information about the train they are in with a HUD.

Graphical driver HUD

The graphical driver HUD was introduced in version 2.2.0 and updated in 2.2.1.

The HUD shows:

  • The speed in m/s indicated by the two-digit 7-segment display.
  • The corresponding speed shown as a white bar.
  • The physical speed limit (i.e. the speed limit of the wagons themselves), if lower than 20m/s.
  • The driving direction of the train as a lever
  • The throttle and brake controls of the train shown as a combined lever
  • “ATC” when ATC is active
  • “LZB” when LZB is active
  • “Shunt” when shunt mode is active
  • The signal aspect of the next signal shown by two rectangles and a number:
    • If the upcoming signal allows proceeding without any speed limit, the indicator is shown in green.
    • If the upcoming signal has a speed limit that is higher than 0m/s, the indicator is shown in orange, and the speed limit is shown as a red triangle pointing downward at the speed bar.
    • If the upcoming signal does not allow proceeding, the indicator is shown in red.
  • The status of the doors.
  • The speed current speed limit of the train (if present) shown as a red vertical bar
  • The ATC target speed (if present) shown as a cyan triangle pointing up


Passengers only see the text shown inside the train, as configured on the onboard computer or LuaATC.

Text-based driver HUD

A text-based HUD was used before version 2.2.0. It looks similar to the following:

 [F] {B - >o< +} >|< >|<
Speed: |++++___________|> 15 km/h
Manual operation

The display shows:

  • The text that is normally shown inside the train, if any.
  • The driving direction: [F] when driving forward or [R] when driving in the reverse direction.
  • The lever of the train:
    • >BB< when the emergency brake is applied
    • >B< when the normal brake is applied
    • >-< when the train rolls to stop
    • >o< when the speed of the train is constant
    • >+< when the train accelerates
  • The doors that are open:
    • >|< >|< when doors on both sides are closed
    • |<>| >|< when doors on the left side are open
    • >|< |<>| when doors on the right side are open
  • The current speed of the train: four + show that the train moves at 4m/s (15km/h)
  • An S in the speed indicator when shunt mode is active
  • The operation mode of the train:
    • When the train is manually controlled, Manual operation is shown
    • When ATC is active:
      • The target speed is shown similarly to the current speed of the train
      • The ATC command and delay (if any) is shown after the ATC target speed
    • When LZB is active (e.g. when the train is approaching the end of the track) and the train is manually controlled, -!- Safety override -!- is shown.
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