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External Resources

This page includes materials related to advtrains.

A lot of internal mechanics of advtrains, in particular the signalling system, are made based on systems used on railway lines in Germany.


Many websites listed here are about German signalling systems in general. However, only a small, modified subset of these systems are implemented in advtrains for simplicity.


  • simsig - A Set of interlocking simulations, to “Get the hang of it”
  • OpenTTD - A game with a signalling system. However, please note that setting up routes in advtrains is more complicated than in OpenTTD due to the nature of advtrains.

Train safety systems

Advtrains uses LZB as its safety system. However, it is very different to the system used on German rail lines, mainly because many considerations in real life, such as signal transmission and central control, become less important in Minetest.

Players interested in German train safety systems can also read about PZB, an older train safety system that is not implemented in advtrains because of the existence of automated trains.


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