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On Door Display of Outside Text

A lot of trains put information about the train on the outside. For example, this Virgin Train puts information about destination and carriage on a board in the door.

This has many advantages:

  • Information changes, such as the termini of a train (a train cannot be perpetually going to the same termini without reaching the termini)
  • Passengers know which carriage they are about to board and where the train goes

This is partially replicated by the outside text, which can be edited with LuaATC (and the onboard computer, but this is highly impractical to update as there are more trains than people on most advtrains servers). However, one must hover over the train and use the HUD to find out information, which can break immersion and is unrealistic (except for if Google Glass technology is rolled out on an almost dystopian scale).

My proposal is to make textline-like displays on some train doors. These reflect the outside text exactly.

To help, there are also escape codes for various pieces of information:

Code Meaning Example output among text
%c The carriage number This is carriage 3.
%l The line of the train This train is a L3 train
%p Amount of players on a train This carriage has 1 people
%t <RWT event> (needs a RWT interface) The scheduled time of an event This train is leaving at 04:32
%a The ATC command given to the train This train is running the code B0WD1OLD10OCD1SM
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