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''train'' Table

Note Information here is incomplete. Please fill in what you know.

The train table describes the state of a train. These tables are stored in the advtrains.trains table, indexed by the ID of the train. Note that IDs, despite looking like numbers, are stored as strings.

The train table is mainly seen in code where the state of the train is mutated, such as in step functions.

Some fields of the train table are shown below:

Key Description Type
id Train ID String
acceleration The acceleration the train is performing Number, in m/s/s
drives_on A table showing which type of track the train drives on Table
max_speed The speed a train can go at Number, in m/s
trainparts Table of wagon IDs of the wagons of the train Table
is_shunt Train in shunt mode? Boolean
speed_restriction The speed a train is allowed to go at Number, in m/s
speed_restrictions_t The speed restrictions applied to the train Table
routingcode The routing code of a train String
line The line of a train String
text_outside, text_inside Outside and inside display texts String
velocity The speed of a train Number, in m/s
tarvelocity The target speed of current ATC control Number, in m/s
last_pos World position of tip of train (to restore path) Vector
last_connid Connid (see conns) of last_pos pointing forward Number
last_frac Fractional index offset from last_pos (see Path) Number
atc_command Yet uninterpreted part of current ATC command String
autocouple Whether train will couple on next collision Boolean
ars_disable Whether ARS is disabled Boolean

Dynamic (runtime) values:

Key Description Type
path table of key-co-ordinate table pairs → see path.lua Table
path_cp/cn, path_dist, … auxiliary tables for path → see path.lua Table
index Exact position of the front tip of the train on its path. The integer part tells the index in the path table, the fractional part the offset forward towards the next path item Number
end_index Calculated from index, index of the rear tip of the train Number
no_step If true, train skips all train steps (used for trains whose track is not found) Boolean
lever The current lever value (as determined either by user control or by ATC/LZB) Number (enum-like)
ctrl_user The lever input from the player (train driver) if present Number (enum-like)
lzb State table of LZB subsystem (see lzb.lua) Table
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