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Station/Stop Rail

The Station/Stop Rail is a rail that is used to determine a place where trains should stop regularily. It automatically handles braking, door control and departure for trains planned to stop at it.


The stop rail affects only trains travelling in the direction the arrow on the rail points.

Once a train approaches a stop rail, it is matched against the ARS Rules of that rail. If this determines that the train should stop, the train starts braking (by imposing a temporary speed restriction of 2 on the track), and the inside text is set to “Next Stop: <station name>”.

Once the train enters the stop rail (if it should stop), it brakes to stand and opens the doors on the specified side. The inside text is set to the station name. It then waits the specified wait time using simple ATC.

After that, the doors are closed. If reversing is enabled, the train reverses direction now. Then it departs using the specified departure speed. The inside text is cleared.

With the luaatc_extensions branch enabled, the train disables ARS when approaching a stop rail, and enables it again when departing. This prevents a signal behind the stop rail from setting a route before the train's departure.

Stations and Station names

The “Station Code” serves as an identifier of the station this stop rail belongs to. The “Station Name” is saved with the Station Code and is global across all stop rails. If you add a stop rail to a station, only input its station code, the name will be filled in automatically.

The station code is also associated with an owner. By default, only the owner of the station is allowed to modify details in its station rails. Players having the Train Admin privilege can always modify any station rail.

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