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Branches and forks

Please note that the master branch is the only branch that is officially supported. Use other branches at your own risk. Discussions on other branches should *explicitly* state the use of that branch. This page does not imply any support for or negativity against the branches and forks listed here.

Branches are generally created to add certain features and test them before the changes go upstream. These can be fetched from the same repository. Advtrains has the following branches:

Name Status Description
master Upstream Upstream branch
doc Moved working on better, up-to-date documentation written in LaTeX (ywang); the manual has been moved to a dedicated repository
l10n Semi-active (WIP) Internationalization and translation efforts (ywang; translations contributed by Tanavit et al)
new-ks Semi-active (testing needed) Improvements and extensions to the Ks signalling system and related features (ywang)
route_prog_rework Semi-Active (WIP) Overhaul of the route programming system + in-game railway mapping (orwell, occasional progress when there is time)
atcjit Inactive (WIP) “Compiles” ATC commands to Lua code (ywang)
profiler Inactive Adds a profiler. When advtrains is being profiled the next time, this branch can be reused.
trainhud-unifont Semi-active (WIP) Improvements to the graphical train HUD
luaatcdebug Unittests DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION: unsafe LuaATC environment to facilitate unit testing
unittests-srht Unittests (WIP) Unit tests for various components of advtrains

Advtrains 1.x (former 'master_old' branch) can now be retrieved from the release-1.x tag. Versions since 2.1.2 (inclusive) are also tagged.

The following table includes known forks. Discussions on forks should take place on the corresponding bugtracer or forum thread.

Name Status Description
HSF Planning More a seperate mod then a fork, adds High Speed Rails to any world, with some strict limitations.
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