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Advanced Trains

Advanced Trains, aka with its technical name “advtrains”, is a mod for the Minetest engine. It features realistic trains and various equipment for railways, with a focus on automated train operation. It should work with any game.

Main features

  • A small selection of different trains (passenger and goods trains) (see also “Extensions”)
  • Almost-realistic tracks with actual curves and switches
  • Railway signals, controllable by various means
  • ATC: simple, command-like automatic train control
  • LuaATC: powerful Lua-scripted automatic train operation (requires some programming knowledge)
  • An Interlocking system, featuring track sections, routes and automatic stopping before signals


The source code for Advtrains is available on Latest version is 2.0.1 TSS.

Old versions prior to August 2018 are available on GitHub. @gpcf also mirrored versions prior to February 2017.

Installation instructions

To download Advtrains you will need Git. See how to install here. If you already installed it, clone the Advtrains repository with these commands:

git clone

Then enable Advtrains in the world settings. You can also enable each mod individually.

Forum page

Main source for download and install instructions, announcements and discussion is the Minetest Forum topic, located at:

So, what's the purpose of this wiki?

This wiki supersede the information at and Unlike these pages, you are free to improve the wiki contents, as it is open wiki licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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