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 +====== Privileges ======
 +Privileges control the way players interact with Advtrains. They should be granted only to confirmed users.
 +===== Standard privileges =====
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​protection_bypass|Protection Bypass]]: bypasses protection set by players.
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​railway_operator|Railway Operator]]: operates switches and signals.
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​train_admin|Train Admin]]: operates all trains.
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​train_operator|Train Operator]]: operated owned trains or trains the player is whitelisted on.
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​track_builder|Track Builder]]: builds and digs tracks in unprotected areas.
 +===== Privileges created by extensions =====
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​atlatc|Advtrains Lua Automatic Train Control]]: allows to create and modify code in LuaATC rails.
 +  * [[usage:​privileges:​interlocking|Interlocking]]:​ allows to build, set up, configure and control all kinds of interlocking equipment.
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