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-To be migrated from [[usage:​nodes:​atc_rail]]+====== LuaAutomation ATC rail ====== 
 +{{ :​usage:​nodes:​advtrains_dtrack_atc_placer.png?​80 |}} 
 +LuaATC rails are the core component of the LuaAutomation system. They are used to automate trains by running custom Lua code whenever an event occurs. 
 +//Note: this page has been written for Advtrains 2.1.0 and Minetest 5.1.0. Examples and practices described in this page don't take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases.//​ 
 +===== Properties ===== 
 +Placer Item name: ''​advtrains_luaautomation:​dtrack_placer''​ \\  
 +Node names: 
 +  * ''​advtrains_luaautomation:​dtrack_st''​ 
 +  * ''​advtrains_luaautomation:​dtrack_st_30''​ 
 +  * ''​advtrains_luaautomation:​dtrack_st_45''​ 
 +  * ''​advtrains_luaautomation:​dtrack_st_60''​ 
 +===== Craft recipe ===== 
 +//This node has no craft recipe.// 
 +===== Extended description ===== 
 +  * When the rail is first built, this rail node does nothing. But once right-clicking (or double tapping on Android) the node, a formspec displays, allowing you to write Lua code for the current node. 
 +  * Interacting with the ATC rail requires the ''​[[usage:​privileges:​atlatc|atlatc]]''​ privilege. 
 +  * This node can be rotated by the [[usage:​tools:​trackworker|Trackworker]]. 
 +  * Only straight nodes are supported. You can't put this node on a curve or as a switch. 
 +===== Operation ===== 
 +The LuaATC Rail is an active LuaATC component. It holds Lua code that is executed on specific [[usage:​atlatc:​events]],​ and interacts with the world using the [[usage:​atlatc:​api]]. 
 +Every LuaATC rail must belong to an [[usage:​atlatc:​environment|Environment]]. You can select the active environment using the dropdown on the top left. 
 +//Note: you have to create an environment before LuaATC components can be used. See [[usage:​atlatc:​environment#​Creating an Environment]].//​ 
 +===== Trivia ===== 
 +The LuaAutomation ATC rail has the same texture as the [[usage:​nodes:​atc_controller|ATC controller rail]], but its functions are different.
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